Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Ideal Spine Centre

The Ideal Spine Centre has been supporting the residents of Broadstairs, Kent with the most paramount of spinal health care and chiropractic care since October 2003. Dr. Christian Farthing founded the centre to bring into existence a health care practice with a difference.
It was the desire of Dr. Farthing to create a family practice whereby the Ideal Spine Centre would provide spinal health care and chiropractic care at the highest standard available.

In the United Kingdom, there are so many variations of health care professionals who pitch to dealing with the spine and nervous system. Unfortunately, only pain relief methods have been made available to members of the public. Now your health problems can be solved the right way.

Dr. Christian H. E. Farthing was born & raised in Tumut, New South Wales, Australia. After graduating from Canberra Grammar High School, he attended the University at the Royal Melbourne Institute of (RMIT) Technology in Melbourne, Victoria. In 1997 he gained a double degree in Bachelor of Applied Science (Clinical Science) and Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and swore an oath to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. Dr. Farthing has received graduate awards for leadership, academic and clinical excellence in his area of expertise. Upon graduation he received numerous awards for his Academic and Clinical Excellence, including the prestigious Graduate of the Year Award.

Having studied as a chiropractor, he has a special insight into the health fields and wanted to progress forward to look at correcting the cause of peoples' health concerns and so, completed post graduate studies in spinal correction. Dr. Farthing is not a Chiropractor, Osteopath or Medical Doctor. He specialises in spinal correction and now practices in Canterbury as a Wellness Doctor and Spinal Specialist in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Christian H. E. Farthing graduated with a double degree to become a chiropractor. Dr. Farthing has spent the last 10 years studying the principles of high performance health and healing. From 1996 to 2000, Dr. Farthing completed post-graduate work in spinal correction, whilst working as a professional locum in practices throughout Australia.

Dr. Farthing is committed in providing the community with the most up-to-date modern chiropractic procedures to restore patient's spinal alignment, and in turn, optimise their health and well-being. He is a well-known subluxation specialist in Australia and the UK and has helped literally thousands of people obtain their health goals.

Dr. Farthing regularly lectures at professional seminars across the United Kingdom, Europe, United States, and Australia to other health professionals and their staff with an emphasis on wellness orientated health care. His purpose is to educate and adjust as many families as possible toward optimal health through modern natural spinal care.

Dr. Farthing's corrective and wellness oriented focus is dedicated to paediatric development and adult health care. He is a member of the International Chiropractic Association, and the World Chiropractic Alliance - the two largest chiropractic organizations in the world. Dr. Farthing is a registered Chiropractor in Australia and is also a Platinum member for the Waiting List Practice, the most successful chiropractic training organization in the world today.

Dr. Farthing travels over 20,000 miles each year to post-graduate seminars, where he learns from and also teaches other doctors. He has also done presentations to local businesses, schools, retirement living communities, sporting organisations, churches and Christian Schools. Having lectured and presented many health workshops to health professionals, specialists, right down to school children, Dr. Farthing has a wonderful ability to convey the importance of posture in relation to one's health.

For Broadstairs spinal care visit The Ideal Spine Centre.

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Dr. Farthing

Doctor Christian H. E. Farthing is not a medical doctor, osteopath, physiotherapist or chiropractor in the United Kingdom.  Dr. Farthing is a Doctor of Chiropractic in Australia where he gained his double degree [Bachelor of Applied Science (Clinical Science); Bachelor of Chiropractic Science] and his title of “Doctor”.  However, he now practices as a Specialist in Spinal Correction and Wellness Care in the UK.  He has received graduate awards for leadership, academic and clinical excellence, and has been recognised internationally as a Distinguished Fellow of CBP for Clinical and Spinal Biomechanics.  Dr. Farthing is a registered Osteomyologist in the UK and also the leading author of the bestseller “The World’s Best Kept Health Secret Revealed” (2nd Ed).